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Read "How to schedule a video conference" here.
Note: Complete this form after you have contacted and reserved all sites.
Reservations requested 3 days or less from Event Start Date MUST BE scheduled by phone.  Call 205-975-6854.

Updated: 10/2/2014

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All video streams/recordings will be removed from the IITS server 30 days from the start day of the event. Contact your technical support personnel, if you wish to have the recording(s) moved to a permanent server location for future use. They can contact us at
205-975-6854 for assistance.
List all holidays and any day(s) the conference/course will not meet.
By submitting this form, you are stating that you have: This bridge reservation will be confirmed by IITS calendar email notification. Please check the IITS Web Calendar at
Reservations requested 3 BUSINESSS days or less from Event Start Date MUST BE scheduled by phone. Call 205-975-6854. Will require the Bypass Reservation Form (Call to get the password).
If you are not listed as an IITS member in this dropdown list, Manually enter your site name in the next text box.
A Live Stream is used to broadcast the video and audio over the internet for others to view in realtime.
Will you share a PowerPoint Presentation or share your desktop? If so, select "yes" radio button.
Have a participant who cannot join the conference via Video? If so, they can dial-in using a landline telephone or mobile cell phone.