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IITS requires all proposals for any new site on the IITS network to be submitted in writing to the IITS Program/Operations Coordinator. Include the physical location of the site, an outline of how the site will be utilized, and the timeline for installation/connection to the network.

Successful planning of a telepresence location involves extensive coordination with IITS personnel, equipment vendors and telephone companies. Designing an effective telepresence studio entails multiple considerations, i.e., room size, microphone system, connectivity to the hub, etc.

The following documents are available to offer suggestions and guidance when selecting a room and equipment. IITS personnel are available to assist you in all phases of the planning and implementation process.



IITS personnel are available to discuss IITS Services and how they can be utilized to fit your communication needs. From desktop to room based solutions, we can work with you to determine a telepresence solution that will support your current requirements and be scalable to accommodate new technologies. (See Telepresence Standards document for details.)



IITS personnel are available to assist you in all phases of the planning and implementation process. We can address all aspects of the potential project. Architecture, facilities integration, networking, lighting, scheduling and overall budget assessment will need to be discussed at this time. (See Telepresence Standards document for more detail.)



Some projects, particularly with new buildings or when entire floors are being renovated, a design firm under contract will have their own AV consultant to provide similar services. However, we have determined from our own experiences, as well as direct customer feedback, AT provides a well grounded and realistic perspective on system design for everyday use, tested and reliable equipment recommendations in addition to all other aspects of room design. (See Telepresence Standards document for more detail.)



With a service contract in place, we will work with you on the concept and design and write a request for proposal (RFP) to be submitted to a qualified list of vendors whose work currently meets IITS standards. After receiving the proposals from the vendors, they are reviewed, compared and revised. Upon your approval, the AV contract is awarded and the project is underway.

Once the project begins, IITS will provide complete oversight of the installation. From working out details with facilities to getting network connections installed and activated, keeping the project on time and making sure the quality of work being performed is adequate, and, of course, guaranteeing the system functions as it was designed, we can make that happen.