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Zoom Webinar allows you to broadcast a Zoom meeting to view-only attendees. Attendees cannot see each other, and the Host cannot see the attendees.

500 Attendees = $690/yr
(Reduced price because Zoom discontinued Webinar 100)

1,000 Attendees = $3,400/yr*

3,000 Attendees = $9,990/yr or $990/mo*

5,000 Attendees = $24,900/yr or $2,490/mo*

10,000 Attendees = $65,000/yr or $6,500/mo*

Large Meeting Rooms are regular Zoom meetings with the option for more participants where everyone meet with video, audio, and screen sharing.

500 Participants = $600/yr*

*The University's contract with Zoom ends in July 2022, your department will be charged a prorated amount.

To order a Zoom Webinar or a Large Meeting Room, complete the Webinar Request Form or email questions to Tracy Miller