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Account Request (Zoom and RealPresence)

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Online Reservation Forms

Reservations for all video conferences should be made NO LESS THAN 3 BUSINESS DAYS in advance to allow time to test with participating locations.

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Reservation Forms

  • ByPass 3-Day Rule Form  (If your event date is within 3 Business Days, use this EMERGENCY reservation form. It will require an approval code from IITS. Call 205-975-6854.)

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RealPresence Desktop | Web Suite Reservation Form*

*Note: ZOOM events are scheduled directly in the Zoom Application.
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Change Form

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Request to Test Form

Form Instructions

Complete all required form information. Click the SUBMIT button. A copy of your request will be emailed to you, the Participating Site Coordinator(s), and the IITS Scheduler.

A Confirmation Number will be included in the email. Please retain this number for your records. It will be required on all follow-up documents.

IITS Connection Guidelines

All the connecting endpoints that use the IITS Videoconferencing Bridge (rpad.uasystem.ua.edu) should follow the guidelines below:

1. The originating site will dial-in 15 minutes prior to start of conference. All other participating sites will dial-in no later than 10 minutes prior to start of the conference.

2. All site technicians will test with IITS to make sure audio, video and content can be shared.

3. All site participants should be knowledgeable of HOW and WHEN to mute/unmute their microphone.

4. All site technicians need to reboot the device daily to ensure a solid connection can be established during conferencing.