Long Distance Rates (ISDN land circuit calls)

ISDN calls placed from an IITS member Sites to a non-member incur long distance charges of $24/hour. When an OffNet site "initiates/places" a call to any IITS site, there are no long distance charges to the member. Whoever places the call pays for the call. Calls between IP (H.323) sites do not incur long distance charges.

International connections initiated by IITS are $360/hour. For more information concerning long distance connection charges, call the IITS hub at (205) 975-6854.

*Please note: Depending on the type of video-conferencing event there could be charges incurred. Call rates vary based on connection speeds. Please check with the site coordinators at the requested sites to verify their charges prior to completing the IITS Reservation Request form on the web.