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IITS BrochureIntercampus Interactive Telepresence System (IITS) is a statewide telepresence network. Instituted in 1991, IITS uses emerging telepresence technology to share Alabama's instructional resources. IITS connects its network members to the world via a state-of-the-art Polycom infrastructure, enabling in-state, national and international conferencing, sharing of course instruction, research endeavors and meeting colloquia participation.

Started as a University of Alabama initiative with a site at each of the three main campuses, IITS has grown to become Alabama's interactive telepresence network. As of 2012, the IITS network is comprised of 7 universities, several community colleges, and one public school offering over 100 established telepresence sites. IITS also offers videoconferencing over desktop and mobile devices. IITS provides second tier technical support for these sites, scheduling of resources via a web-based calendar, room design assistance, and equipment specification and installation.

Realizing that in the world of video conferencing, there are capabilities and technologies that not all end-users currently have access to, IITS makes every effort to accommodate all telepresence users, including non-network members, desktop users, and the common Internet.

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